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This event will offer an evening of not just entertainment but information from the heart of our Rome Community of color. Join us as we band together as a community to stand up for equal justice of the law and to celebrate our differences and our right of individual liberty as American Citizens.


Join us at the RAD Playhouse on Saturday, June 20th. There will be two shows: 6:30 and 8:30. Please plan to attend only one, as capacity is limited due to size of the playhouse and Covid-19 precautions. You can purchase tickets in advance online at the door if space is still available. Cover charge is $5.  

Concessions and Merchandise will be available. Check back for updates on featured artists and voices to be amplified during this community gathering!

Donations will will be accepted to support One Community United. One Community United is a 501(c)3 organization composed of citizens working to eliminate Racial, Ethnic, Economic, Sexual Orientation & Religious barriers.

All are Welcome!